Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vlog #1: Life Update

Hey y'all! So today I did my first ever vlog! I am not tech savvy at ALL, so it is basically just a video (ha!), but there are some really FUN updates I'm excited to share with y'all!!

I'm excited to hear what y'all think and can't wait to do more vlogs in the future!

Here is my before and after using a wrap! I kept it on for 1.5 hours and was TRULY amazed by the results!

If you're interested in anything mentioned in my video, you can look at all the products here. AND, until July 23rd, they are running an amazing special for two AMAZING products! 

Happy Thursday, friends!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Something's Coming + Link Up

I've been busy working on updating Tucker Up and rebranding! In my head this would be a fast process, but, in reality, a 15 month old named Graham rules the roost! So, slow and steady wins the race.

Here is a sneak peek!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Major Mom Mistakes

This post is for the moms out there who think they're alone when it comes to testing the resilience of their children. I now know why first born children are the tough ones! I wanted to share some parenting fails I've had with Graham that have made me learn for when baby number two comes along (not pregnant!).

1. I've never said this before online, but when G was 9 months old he rolled off the bed. He wasn't fully crawling yet, but he managed to scoot to the side of the bed and reach down and, well, flop! I had literally stepped 5 feet away to start his bath. I freaked out because I was home alone, but he was totally fine. I'm pretty sure he only started crying because I was freaking the freak out. I called our precious neighbors and they rushed over to check G out and make sure he was okay because I needed to collect myself. Whew!

2. Caught G with giant scissors I'd left on our window seat. Oops.

3. The other day I unbuckled Graham from his carseat while I was unloading groceries into the house. I didn't fully unbuckle him; the straps were still around his arms. I took a load inside and came out to hear crying. I ran to the car and G had got out of his carseat and was awkwardly stuck (not bad!!) in the seat beside him. Of course terrible thoughts ran through my head about what if he would have chose the other side...he could have fallen out of the car because that door was open! Ugh! #momguilt

4. Chris let G touch a lightbulb and he ended up grabbing it and ripping (literally) it out of the socket. Thank God it broke off right by the metal piece and we were able to get it from G before he hurt himself.

5. Graham was crawling on the couch over to my brother. I though he'd be fine, but before I knew it my cat-like reflexes set in and I was holding him upside-down by the ankle because he had suicide dove off the couch and I had barley caught him!!

Please share some mom mistakes you've made so I can ensure my child isn't the only stunt man!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WIWW: Little Black Dress

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today I want to elaborate a little on Monday's post. I realized I just left you with three measly pictures and didn't really show you how awesome that dress is! Unfortunately the dress is back up to $20, but still...TWENTY bucks for a really versatile dress. You can't beat it! If you have questions about links, refer back to this post!

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post.

- Write about something fashion related!

- Instagram @SarahTuckerUp for more outfits and randoms!

Thanks for linking up and to see other WIWW posts, click here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Soak It All In

Graham is approaching the 1.5 year mark and life is so fun. Chris and I were talking the other day about how fun this age is and how we want all babies to come out 1 year old. Not literally, obviously, because ouch, but because this age is so stinking fun.

Our days are filled with going to the pool, going to the park, going to the grocery store, playing at home, playing with friends, and a whole lot more. At this stage, it is easy to become exhausted and wish you could just lay him in his Rock 'N Play and take a nap, but each day I'm focusing on soaking it all in. Soaking in his smell and his laugh. The way his eight teeth look in his tiny mouth, or the way he dances to just about every sound (even when the printer was printing something! Ha!). I'm so blessed to be able to hang with him everyday and I'm loving soaking it all in.

Speaking of soaking it all in, these flats I'm wearing are made here in the USA! The company, SOAK, says, "SOAK slide sandals are sleek and innovative women's sandals designed to give you a more comfortable shoe option for any occasion." I have to agree with them! The design is so sleek and I feel more put together than throwing on my flip-flops. They are so easy to throw in my bag to change out of heels or when we go from the gym to the pool

But, if I'm being honest, they are a bit hard to keep on my feet. If they had one more strap across my foot, or a wider strap, they'd stay on much better. They're fine just walking to the pool, but the moment Graham turns on his turbo-boost, the shoes have to go. I do love the width, though! Having very skinny feet, I find that many flats are too wide, but these fit perfectly!

If you'd like get your own pair of sleek sandals, you can use the code TUCKER15 to get 15% off your order!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 10, 2017

$15 Dress Three Ways

Man, Monday hit and it hit hard! Chris slept with the monitor on his side last night which meant I didn't wake up to any of Graham's coos during the night. Somehow I subconsciously put a pillow over my head to block out the noise of Chris getting ready for work and when he kissed me goodbye, you'd have thought you were waking me from the deepest slumber ever. #notpretty

Now I'm here watching my 15 month old throw all his breakfast to the dogs while repeatedly saying, "Mommyyyyy, mommy, mommmyyyyyyy, mommy." This is the life!

Moving on to this adorable, yet so simple little black dress that is currently $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! It is PERFECT for basically anything. It is super light and a great length to be appropriate for all occasions.

Take a look at how I styled it three ways!

Look #1: I've styled this for a dressier look. You could always swap the wedges for heels and go even dressier. My kimono is great if you're going to an event inside where it may be chillier. And of course this Kendra Scott necklace is a must because it goes with everything!

- kimono (yes, I got it from Walmart!!)

Look #2: This is probably my favorite look because it is so super casual and comfy. This would be a great fall transition look, or it could be summery depending on where you live and if your state is an oven like Texas.

Look #3: Hello, perfect summer outfit. Now all I need is a patio and some wine! This is my go-to look lately. Nothing beats denim and neutrals!

Happy Monday, friends!!

PS: If you've been following along on my instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you might notice that I'm sharing more of my outfits (when I do actually get dressed up!). People seem to love things that are affordable and that's my whole wardrobe, so I'll be sharing more outfits in the future!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We've had such a fun week here at the Tucker house. Celebrating the Fourth of July was a blast and it has only gotten better!

Let's get started!

1. I ordered this ($28!!) dress hoping I would love it as much as I did online and....I LOVE it so much more! It is the perfect dress for summer! It is lined, but not heavy at all! (For reference, I am wearing a small. I'm 5'3", athletic build and normally wear a 2-4 jean size.)

2. Graham has been doing great at his swim lessons. We are doing ISR swim lessons and I am loving how he is picking up on the skills necessary to be able to survive if he accidentally falls in the water.

3. I am really trying to be consistent with my working out. I've successfully worked out four of the last five days! We are currently doing Kayla Itsines program. I'll let you know how it goes!! Also, working out with an active toddler is quiet an adventure, if I do say so myself! The routines usually go; a few push-ups, run after toddler, a few crunches, run after toddler, try to do push-ups, but toddler is all up in your grill. It is the cutest thing when he mimics us, though!

4. As I mentioned before, my brother and his wife moved in with us last week. We are LOVING having them here! This week we my SIL's sister and cousin all come visit as well. We ALL grew up together, so it is fun to have everyone together. G loves all the attention. We've been going to the park to play tennis and basketball, so excuse everyone's sweaty faces :)

5. This toddler boy seriously has my heart. He literally screams "hiiiiiiiiiii-eeeeeeee" at everyone he sees, has the best facial expressions, and makes us laugh constantly. This age is my favorite. Babies are cute, but toddlers are fun!! I'll have his 15 months stats next week when we go to the doctor!

Also, my dress is a MUST HAVE if you are looking for a soft, stretchy, and versatile dress. It comes in a variety of colors and is currently on sale for $15!! And, I got my sandals last year, but this year's similar version is under $25 and can be found here!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

DIY Pipe Shelves

Here is a before shot. I could only find a picture before we moved in!

This is one of those projects that you do, then you wonder why it took you so long to do it!

Our kitchen has this little office nook area that, honestly, just 'catches' all our junk. It is the hurry-clean-the-table-off drop spot, the mail drop spot, my craft area, and it also houses all our stationary, pens, pencils, markers, etc. 

A few weeks ago we emptied all the drawers and cleaned that area out. It wasn't but a day later when all the stuff started to pile back on. There was no place to put everything except for on the actual counter.

The solution? DIY pipe shelves! 

I had seen these everywhere and knew Chris could throw them up in no time. I sent him out to the store and less than a hour later, I had three new shelves that I am completely in love with!

Of course they will eventually be piled high with junk, but I figured I'd show them off before they really got put to use. I can't decide if I like them raw, or if I'm going to stain them. I also am going to paint the drawers white, but that's a project for another weekend :)

Oh, and you might have noticed the HUGE color change! After three years of living with a brown kitchen, I finally bit the bullet and painted the kitchen! The color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is the same color in Graham's nursery and our guest bathroom. I LOVE it! I still have plans to change many other things, but that is for a different post!!

Happy Thursday!

PS: I didn't include instructions because there are a million other posts out there that are way more explanatory that I could ever be! Just Google DIY Pip Shelves and then fit the measurements to your needs!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WIWW: July 4th + Link Up

Our July 4th couldn't have been more perfect! We had the best day with our friends and stuffed our faces with delicious food! Our town's parade was a hit with G and he showed off his swimming skills at the pool.

Today should be a holiday because we are moving slow, but off to swim lessons we go!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sales || Happy Fourth of July

I hope you're enjoying your holiday! We started the day of with our town's parade and now we are breaking for G to nap before we head to the pool!

There is nothing better than a holiday sale, so I've rounded up some of my favorites!

Have a great holiday!

- 30% off at J. Crew!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday, friends! We've just been soaking in summer and trying to stay cool. Live is busy and adventurous, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Make sure you're following along on instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) to experience our craziness day to day!

+ This week has been so busy/exciting! My brother and his wife are moving in with us for a few months and we've spent our days helping them unload and get organized. We are all so excited to have them here and more excited that they chose to move to this area! #builtinbabysitters

+ To add to the chaos, I dropped my phone and shattered my screen (for the first time, ever!), so I've been over here just slicing my thumb open every time I need to get into my phone.

+ A lot of you have been following G's ISR swim lessons on instagram and have had a lot of questions about ISR and his swim lessons in general. I am planning a post detailing our ISR experience (love it so far!) that I will publish later on as G moves through more sessions.

+ I'm itching to paint our kitchen. It is brown and I am over it. It isn't a terrible color, but I definitely hate the brown. I just hate painting, so I've been putting it off, but I'm just about ready to roll up my sleeves and get the job done!

+ I ordered these magnetic phone mounts for our cars and WE ARE OBSESSED. Seriously the best $9 we've ever spent. Instead of having to wrangle your phone into a phone holder, you just slip a thin magnet into your phone's case, attach the mount to your vent, and stick your phone up there. So, so easy!!

+ So many of you have still been wondering how my gel manicure is holding/held up and I, still, can't say enough. It is the best!!

+ I've recently discovered Trader Joe's and I now see what all the hype is about. We've had one really close by for years now, but I never understood how to shop there. During one of G's naps last week I took the time to Google all things "best of" Trader Joe's and almost everything we've bought has been amazing. And, so, so cheap!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Off The Shoulder + Link Up

Okay, I admit that it took me some time to warm up to this trend, but after putting on this top from Tobi, I'm sold! I wore this to dinner one night on our vacation and it was perfect for a beachy location. And, the back! Guys, the back is so cute! I honestly didn't even realized the back crossed until I started putting it on and couldn't figure out how to properly get it over my head :)

Now all these pictures have me wanting to be back in Florida...on a beach...reading a book...

A girl can dream, right??

Happy Wednesday and thanks for linking up!!
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